Empower Employees and Improve Productivity

Employees are critical to most businesses. In many ways, staff performance is a reflection of job satisfaction. One way to boost their happiness is by making them feel invested. Rather than sensing that they are cogs in the machine, able to be tossed away and replaced at a moment’s notice, they believe themselves to be active participants contributing toward the company’s goals. Here are some ways to develop devoted workers who are inclined toward going above and beyond.


Teach employees how your enterprise functions. Conduct company-wide meetings where major aspects of the operation are illustrated. Explain why changes have been instituted so that everyone understands the reasons conditions have shifted. Clearly communicate your company’s main objectives and grant insight into the direction of your business. Provide training opportunities that allow new skills to be obtained. The latter is a great way to incentivize remaining with the company and under your command.


A combination of carrots and sticks is the best way to move the business cart forward. Many entrepreneurs focus on the punishment aspect of the equation and neglect incentives. Institute benefit programs where monetary bonuses are given to those who exceed quotas. Telegraph that salary hikes should be expected after staying with the organization for a defined length of time. The better you make these perks, the more willing workers will be to go the extra mile.


Letting staff bear witness to the decision-making process increases confidence in executive competency. Allow everyone to attend discussions regarding major topics. Have employees observe meetings from outside while upper management converses on the inside. Once the primary portion of the meeting has concluded, allow observers to ask questions. Create a profit-sharing program where salaries become tied to company performance. This gives participants an inherent rationale for working hard and helping the venture grow.


The more convinced staff is that their concerns are being heard, the more likely they are to stay put. It’s naturally frustrating when a problem is perceived yet those with the power to resolve the matter are uninterested in absorbing solutions from others. Create a suggestion box for anonymous insights. Inform people that your door is open during times specifically set aside for providing feedback. Remain open-minded and put the same effort into listening as you do speaking.

Worker contentment is vital for company survival. Without it, turnover slows you down and inhibits growth. Find ways of improving on-the-job fulfillment so that productivity skyrockets.