Purchase Order financing

Get To Know Our Purchase Order Financing

Businesses aren’t just about goods and services – they’re about relationships. You and your suppliers depend on each other to succeed. New customers and seasonal demand increases mean more revenue for you and your suppliers – but keeping them paid is vital. ClearView Capital Solutions offers purchase order financing to producers, resellers, distributors and wholesalers. Fast and convenient, this funding keeps orders shipping so customer and supplier relationships stay strong.

How Purchase Order Loans Work

Our purchase order loans quickly provide the funds you need. Through these loans, we pay your suppliers directly. Your finished goods and presold merchandise ship to your customers. After that, we collect payment from them and take out our fees. You receive the rest. Our loans are simple and convenient, offering a few great benefits:

  • Ability to make on-time deliveries
  • No added bank debt
  • No business equity sacrifices
  • Potential to grow your market share
  • More resources for large and seasonal orders

Importers, exporters and businesses in domestic production can use these loans to get ahead. With suppliers paid, you enjoy peace of mind and can concentrate on operations and strategy.

Understand Your Commercial Finance Options

[ClearView Capital Solutions is a commercial finance company offering a wide range of solutions to small businesses. Our purchase order financing can keep you on track. Contact us today to get started.