Healthcare Financing in Ann Arbor, MI

Our Healthcare and Medical Financing Solutions

Medical practices have unique needs. But like any other business, they require capital to thrive and succeed. ClearView Capital Solutions offers healthcare financing for debt consolidation, equipment, improve operating liquidity and more.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Multiple loans and payments can complicate your finances. Our debt consolidation loans make things simple. Enjoy one low monthly payment with a single interest rate. Approved applicants can pay off their debt within a week.

Medical Equipment Financing

Providing high-quality patient care means staying on the cutting edge of technology. Our medical equipment leases and loans can bring diagnostic and treatment technology into your practice. We provide several payment options and up to 50% soft cost coverage.

Working Capital Loans

Do you have capital for operations and other vital needs? ClearView Capital Solutions working capital loans can help. Apply today and receive up to $75,000 upon approval. And if you need more, include complete financial statements and request up to $250,000. These loans offer a few excellent benefits:

  • No reporting of loans to personal credit
  • Loan terms up to 72 months
  • No upfront payments needed

Practice Acquisition Financing

Partner buyouts, acquisitions and mergers offer significant opportunities for growth. Take those next steps with help from our practice acquisition loans. Qualified professionals could get 100% financing.

Want to check out healthcare financing options for your practice? Call us now and talk to our certified financial specialists.