Equipment Financing in Ann Arbor, MI

Your Business Benefits With Our Equipment Financing Services

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No matter what industry you’re in, your business requires equipment. Moreover, you need capital to obtain that equipment. Companies like yours enjoy several great advantages from ClearView Capital Solutions equipment financing programs. With fix low monthly payments and favorable terms, our leases and loans can provide the tools you need to run and grow your business.

How Equipment Leasing and Loans Work

Our equipment leases and loans can supply funding for critical tools – computers, CNC machines, stoves, cranes, band saws and much more. Many applications are approved within 24 hours, with middle-market and large-ticket financing requests turned around in three to five days. Companies in business for two years or more can qualify for excellent terms and rates plus other advantages:

  • Several kinds of payment structures
  • Little or no down payment
  • Terms of up to 84 months

Loans applications of up to $150,000 require no financial statement. We also offer middle-market financing up to $500,000, with more potentially available on large-ticket items.

Government, Startup and Sale-Leaseback Programs

ClearView Capital Solutions has special guaranteed approval leasing for municipal entities. Public schools and libraries, government agencies, emergency response departments, military organizations and others can qualify for this financing.

Our sale-leaseback program is another great alternative to help you source equipment. We buy the tools you need on your behalf, then lease the items back to you for a pre-determined period. Once your lease is over, you assume ownership. Companies under two years old may qualify for our startup programs. We also offer B, C and D credit options for companies with less-than-ideal credit.

Put Your Company on the Right Path

ClearView Capital Solutions has a wide range of commercial finance solutions to fit small businesses’ needs. Our equipment financing programs offer many advantages. Free up capital, keep other existing credit lines and avoid equipment obsolescence with our large menu of leasing and loan options. To apply or learn more, contact us today.